Dumb and Dumber Minimalist Posters


In celebration (even if only in my own head) of the upcoming release of Dumb and Dumber To, I’ve been revisiting the original – Dumb and Dumber. It’s not classic cinema, but it’s really just classic humor. I’ve managed to work dialogue from the movie into the fabric of everyday conversation.

The people in my life either hate it or love it — the lovers bowing down to the comic genius that the movie is, in all its silly glory. If you know someone who lists Dumb and Dumber as one of their top 10 comedies, you can bet they know a ton of the classic lines from the movie, verbatim.

I’ve taken some memorable bits of Dumb and Dumber dialogue and weaved them into minimalist, re-imagined movie posters. No, I don’t sell them — these are for fun. I hope you like them to (yes, I intentionally left the second ‘o’ off).

Here are the scaled thumbnails and the full size versions follow:

Dumb and Dumber Poster #1: Redemption

Dumb and Dumber Poster #2: Pets’ Heads

Dumb and Dumber Poster #3: The Hog

Dumb and Dumber Poster #4: Grandpa’s Medicine

Dumb and Dumber Poster #5: A Couple of Pussies

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