Marketing and SEO Inspiration from Non-traditional Sources

I’m not trying to change your mind about where to get inspiration, just trying to outline for you some of the places I get mine. Perhaps it’ll spark an idea or two for you.

One look at my browsing history and you’d be all like, “What?”

But here’s what I do regularly and quickly (not all inclusive):

→ I have my own website that feeds the latest Internet Marketing headlines (no you can’t see it)

→ Duh, Twitter

→ Facebook: I follow and I’m friends with a lot of SEO companies and people – I scan the wall for new stuff (and click a few links); also videos to listen to while working

→ The Chive – Memes, what’s trending on the Internet, creative ideas, creative taglines, creative blog post headlines; also, videos to listen to while working

→ Youtube: Training, how-to, videos to listen to

→ Huffington Post – Not my trusted news source, but a good way to get tech headlines, and skimming the front page keeps me abreast of what’s trending online; plus, it often had business and economy headlines — good to have in the thought arsenal when planning marketing ideas

→ Google – searches you wouldn’t expect; such as people I know, people I don’t know: These are quick random tests to see why things rank better than others (especially for info and people who don’t use the Internet for business or anything else – this helps show what’s trending in how Google decides what to rank and not rank). Also for the obvious best-practices reasons.

→ Themeforest – Content architecture ideas and what’s trending, plus it’s easy to see what’s hot in design and info architecture here

→ Codecanyon – Trends in widgets, content, tools, anything that a client could use?

→ Videohive – What’s new, how can I use it to create good, diverse content

→ Seemingly random searches and content review for sites that are not marketing related — for content ideas, content architecture ideas, keyword usage, content formatting ideas, messaging

→ AdGenerator – Pure inspiration sparks for headlines

^ I’ll add more as i come up with them — they’re so engrained and have helped me find success so second nature is hard to pin down and write down.

Did that help?

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