SEO Tip: Get More Social to Improve Conversions


You’ve worked hard ensuring that the search engine optimization, both on page, and off was just right. You’re getting a lot of clicks, and some conversions but you want to push your audience to convert more often, faster. You need to find a way to interact with your clients and potential clients. Enter Social Media.

The process usually works like this:

User sees mention of your content, product or service on social media. User clicks through to your website. Unfortunately, many times nothing happens after that. They don’t buy anything, or sign up for your newsletter, or updates to your blog.

What you want to happen is this:

User sees your content, product or service on social media. User clicks through to your website, and then user reads the information and feels compelled to act. They might sign up for the newsletter, buy something, or do some other action in which you’ve lead them.

The problem is you have mere seconds to grab the attention of those who click through enough to attract them to act on your directives. Moving visitors toward some sort of action is the toughest part of the entire process. So it’s important to start at the beginning.

Create Compelling, Interesting, Unique Content and Discuss It.

That’s what’s going to not only get you a high page ranking on search, but it’s going to keep your leads (and clients) reading what you have to say. Understand your audience enough that you can create the kind of content that they’ll want to read; something that adds value to their life, and helps lead them in the direction that you want them to, whether that is to sign up for your newsletter or purchase a product or service that you created or recommend. Open up comments and answer those who comment. Starting a discussion on your blog is social too.

Get Active On Social Media by Participating

It’s not enough to share what you’ve written created or offer. You also need to develop a rapport with your audience outside of all that. Sure, your goal is to improve conversions, but to do that you’ll need to be more social on social media even without promoting your products and services. Comment on other people’s shares. Share inspirational quotes. Share other people’s information when it relates. Be an honest contributor to the community you’ve created. By doing so, your audience will see you as

Lend Your Voice in Discussion Groups and Forums

You might not realize it but social media is more than just Facebook and Pinterest, it’s also any discussion group and forum. Find out where your audience “hangs out” and be there. Provide well thought out additions to discussions already in progress and start new ones occasionally. As people get to know you, they’ll naturally click through the links on your bio. Since they feel as if they know you, they’ll also be more likely to read the content on your site, participate in discussions there, and follow your calls to action.

Being active and social online is no different than being active and social offline. You don’t walk up to someone offline and throw them your sales pitch. Instead, you shake their hand, you might talk about the weather and you get to know the people you are networking with. You will probably exchange business cards and if you want to do business with that person you’ll contact them outside of the networking event. Do the same online, get involved, be social, and you will make more conversions than you did without.

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